Raise my Rate Fitness Challenge

What is It?

The RRFC is a standard fitness challenge I created to help me become a healthier, more energetic me. Once I've lost the weight I want to I will give myself a $10 raise.
I made this page so that my followers can see updates and progress as I go.

I decided to start this challenge because over the past few months while battling my mental illnesses I've lost energy, motivation, and put on more weight.  I don't like the way I look and feel all the time. By giving myself the finacial reward I know I am more likely to keep up with this challenge.
Start Weight:​ 190lbs
Goal Weight:​ 170lbs
Current Weight:​ 185lbs
updated: 8/6/18
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Week 1

Week recap

So the first week is usually the hardest. I was adjusting my sleep schedule. Hitting the track every day and I finally told everyone whats been going on with me the past few months. My biggest battle is over eating, going out to eat all the time, and mixed cocktails.
How I battled it was giving myself smaller portions and learning to teach my brain to stop eating when full. I only allow myself to go out to eat once a week, twice if I'm eating healthy when out. Lastly I stopped ordering sugary drinks and switched to vodka with soda water or having a can of Truly (flavored seltzer water "beer"). I need to get my taste buds used to having less sugar like before. 
Over all I'd say im off to a good start!

Week 2

So this week had definitely been a mixed bag. I started the week off with the worst cravings ever. I also wasn't able to go to the track at all which was very dissapointing to me since I have grown to enjoy it so much already.
Then Thursday came and my throat was kind of sore. By that evening my tonsils were swollen to an alarming size. The next morning I was at the doctors office where I learned I had strep throat. Thanks to being sick out of no where I was forced to eat only things my stomach and throat could handle. Plus spending my days sleeping. I think it's because of this I managed to lose another 2 pounds.
I am fortunately doing much better now but I will be on anti biotics for another week meaning alcohol is cut out entirely and junk food is going to cause me heart burn also meaning I won't be eating that much either.
On the plus side, thanks to having a restricted diet this week I will be able to save money and be on a much tighter business schedule. 
​Also I want to say a big thank you to who ever donated $5 to my progress!
​(I chose this photo since being bed ridden meant no progress photos)

Week 3

Week Recap

So this week was a bit as expected. It was extremely boring, not going to lie but my eating habits had gotten better. I used this time to look into reading more self help books and so far its been eye opening. My mood may have dropped but I didn't give into my bad eating habits as easily. 
Sadly no weight was lost this week BUT no weight was gained back which to me is still a win.
Since getting out to the track every day has become tricky I've started looking into getting a treadmil. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I will be able to get one. Ive been a bit sluggish at times but I'm still determined to improve my physical and mental health. 

Week 4

Week Recap

My depression KICKED MY ASS this week. One of my best friends moved away so sadly I did drink too much alcohol and eat junk food. I did how ever stick to healthier cocktails and opted out of a side of fries when it came to it. I only lost 1 popund which is disapointing but its still better then putting weight back on. Nothing wrong with baby steps as long as I'm still moving forwar. Thanks to a rise in my depression getting out of bed was very hard. I can't act like this illness isn't greatly holding me back but I'm still moving forward evening if only at a crawling pace. I AM stronger then my illness and I will not let it control my life. No matter how long it takes me to succeed. Its so easy to become discouraged so for week 5 I'm going to work on crafting more and spending more time with family. With halloween coming I plan to start working on those projects which I'm very excited for. Well thank you for checking in on my and my sort of progress. Feel free to leave encouragement on any of my social media platforms!

Depression cuddles

(I tried to do a floor routine)

Because of medical reasons  and multiple road blocks I will be holding off on my challenge until fall.
I fully intend to keep eating better and being more active. I just don't want to over stress myself more then I need to. 
I am confident that I will get back on track mentally and physically.
Thank you for all your support and I promise not to let any of you down.